Session #111, Work #110

Plate three of the Bargue course introduces a bit of shading, but that wasn’t really much of an issue here. For some reason I was pretty far off in the accuracy here, my theory is that it was the increased size do the drawing, that caused issues.

The Drawing


The Setup




The problem here is not that the drawing is inaccurate, its that the drawing is inaccurate and I didn’t notice these glaring inaccuracies. I did make an attempt to fix the vertical height of the upper lip, I noticed that it was a bit short, but I failed in making it long enough even after adjustment. I should have gotten the horizontal line for the base of the nose much closer than that.

Well, one thing I do know is that my biggest weakness currently is judging horizontal distances. What is interesting about this plate is that the guides were originally placed above the finished drawings, but I moved then to be to the left of the original. I wonder if Bargue did the vertical placement intentionally so the student would be forced to have an easier time judging the horizontal distances but not the vertical.

While thinking about that, maybe its not that I’m better at judging vertical distance more than horizontal distances. Its more likely the case that its easier to judge the vertical distances when you subject is situated on the same horizontal plane as the drawing. I bet if I situated my drawing below the original next that I would have an easier time of judging the horizontal distances but more trouble judging the vertical distances. There is only one way to find out…

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