Bargue plate 2

Bargue drawing, plate number two, face number 6. Before my drawing class today I wanted to finish another part of Bargue plate 2.

I did much better on this drawing than the last one. I changed my process up a bit. First I drew horizontal lines indicating the top of the subject and the bottom. Then I put an arbitrary vertical line, that represented an imaginary line on the subject passing through the further right point on the chin, through the part in the lips and through where the nose meets the upper lip. With this line I was able to get several vertical and horizontal points located easily.


From here I was able to measure out from the vertical line to find the placement for the furthers right point of the tip of the nose, the furthest left on the nostril and the corner of the mouth. I find it much easier to measure out from a central line this way then creating a rectangle around the entire subject and measuring into it.

The Drawing


The Setup


Drawing Comparison


I did much better with the accuracy of this drawing and I think my process here had a lot to do with it.

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