Bargue Drawing Face

Bargue drawing, plate number two, face number 4. This is one plate where some guidance from an instructor could have been very helpful.

For plate number four I decided to follow the guide on the left much more closely. I was interested in the central intersecting line that Bargue used. It seemed to be a very obvious way of finding the location of most of the feature while at the same time keeping their angles coherent. Unfortunately it proved to be very difficult as you will see in the comparison below.

The Drawing


The Setup


Drawing comparison


Here I started with the central line then I found points on that line that would correspond with the angles that intersected it through the top of the lip, the center of the mouth, the crease of the lips and where the lips meet the chin. I found it very difficult to get these exact points, they seemed to be based on arbitrary locations within the face and existed somewhere within an angle.

Instruction would have been helpful here, I really don’t know how to deal with these angular measurements.


Here you can see a bunch of errors, the largest being the placement of the nose and nostrils.  As I look at it now I’m amazed that I misjudged the furthers nostril so much. So far the bridge of the nose has been off in the last few drawings, I really need to target that as a week point and eradicate the behavior with more measurements.

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