Starting Humble

Life drawing class tonight started out in a humble place tonight, but became much more enjoyable after an extremely helpful comment from Jamie.

I started drawing the two minute poses to night in a site-size method which quickly became stunted and ugly. I was focusing on seeing the proportions correctly and getting the drawing correct but the duration of time necessary to get the model on the page needed quick work. Unfortunately I didn’t see their opposition, but luckily Jamie made a comment that really changed how I was drawing from horrible to wonderful.

I must also mention that I was lucky to be standing next to an artist that was so kind to offer up a huge chunky piece of charcoal. Without his kindness and Jamie’s insight tonight’s would not have been as fantastic.

Basically Jamie broke me out of the rigidity of my method and allowed me to start much more expressively with broad strokes defining the figure as simple as possible quickly at first, then later working into those planes in more detail. This is why I love charcoal so much, the ability to push and pull it around like paint is a thing of beauty.

I want you to grab a large chunk of charcoal and define the entire figure in only a few very broad thick strokes Jamie Bollenbach

I think you will easily be able to tell at which point in my drawings tonight that the change happened.

The Drawings

Two Minute poses
Two Minute poses
Five Minute poses
Five Minute poses
Five Minute poses
Five Minute poses
1 hour pose

Session Details