Robin Williams as Peter Pan

I’m starting on my next Fandom Fitness drawing today of Robin Williams as Peter Pan. It may not be regarded as the best Peter Pan interpretations but I’ve always loved the movie.

This Sunday is going to be an easy day of art. No rushing through projects or working hard to get a ton of time in or everything done. But, I did get a bit of work on each project today.

Warm-up and DrawABox exercises

I’m starting every day with this exercise now and I may add to it depending on how I move through the exercises. I’m onto the lesson with perspective now but I didn’t commit a whole page to it yet.

Warm-up and draw a box exercises

Steve Huston Form Exercise

This is actually the very first exercise in Steve’s book where we are to look at an old master drawing and see the basic forms for each of the figures.

I’m not looking at an old master drawing though. I’m drawing from photographs of models.

I haven’t wrote out the exact curriculum for this exercise yet but I wanted to get started on it anyway.

Steve Huston form practice

I started this same exercise weeks ago when I started reading Figure Drawing for Artists.

One Minute Gestures

I’m always challenged by one minute gestures and always looking for new ways to quickly describe the complexity of the human figure.

Robin Williams as Peter Pan

Because the movie is so old now it’s hard to find some really good reference material. So I grudgingly picked the best photo I can find of Robin William in the Peter Pan pose. This image is used by many people to reference this movie unfortunately and I would like to be more original with my work.

Robin Williams as peter pan

I fear that his head may be too small… If that turns out to be true then I will have to get some larger paper and start over.

Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

I drew a chair and my wonderful cat staring at me from my desk. I really need to get better at drawing him. He is so important to me I should commit him to memory.

daily composition and daily sketch

What went well?

Easy day of art, learning and time with the family.

What needs work?

I need to work on not neglecting my 1000 second timer again…

What did I learn?

All kinds of great information about perspective from

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