Robin Williams as Peter Pan Drawing Finished

After lots of focus and a full day of art making I’ve finished this charcoal and graphite drawing of Robin Williams as Peter Pan.

Peter Pan Drawing

There were some structural issues with Robin Williams face that I just couldn’t figure out. I ended up deeply comparing all the shadow and light shapes from the photograph and making small changes. I’m still too close to this drawing at the moment and will probably see all the errors in a week, but for now I’m blind to them.

robin williams as peter pan drawing

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Warm-up and DrawABox exercises

This is my 15 minute warm-up. Not only does it get my muscles ready to create for the rest of the session but It’s great practice for dexterity.


It’s really nice when you can learn something while at the same time enjoying the practice.

The bottom flow of boxes is much better than the top as I was able to achieve a rhythm in size and speed/distance.

draw a box exercise

Steve Huston Form Exercise

Feeling the entire form is so important here. Much of the time I try to think about the front and the back of each form. Tomorrow I will be moving on to the next set of exercises I have planned for Steve Huston’s book.

steve huston form exercise

Part of the Form

This is exercise 22 from The Natural Way to Draw. I’m only supposed to do part of the form but I ended up drawing the whole figure. Next time I think I may use some of the supplies I recently purchased and try to do some drawing similar to Steve Huston during his “Ask me anything” sessions.

Nicolaides form exercise

Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

I drew Sullivan our youngest cat as he was sleeping on my chair, I was sitting on the floor. He moved only once so I drew his head in both positions.

The daily composition is of an awesome guy that uses a hand peddle bike to scale the mountain roads around Mt Shuksan. I have to show off our beautiful hike yesterday on my birthday below.

daily composition and daily sketch
This picture fills me with so much joy!

What went well?

Super long art day! Plus the Robin Williams as Peter Pan drawing is finished.

What needs work?

A bit more time spent on writing my Artist Perspectives and Art tips.

What did I learn?

Subtle changes in value can make a huge difference in how the form reads but always get the bigger shapes down first.

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