Research and Planning

I’m in between Fandom Fitness drawings today but I’m getting ready for the next drawing with a couple hours of research and planning.

The next Fandom Fitness drawing is going to be of Pokemon. This is going to be extra difficult because I’m accustomed to drawing from real life three dimensional subjects and I’m not sure how to treat a cartoon.

Luckily I’m somewhat familiar with comic books, anime, manga and I know that each of these have a rich history full of wonderful art. I plan on pulling my influences from anime or manga. Hopefully I can instill some of that style into Pokemon.

Warm-up and DrawABox exercises

The normal 15 minute warm-up in graphite.


The challenges continue with the 250 box challenge. I’m ecstatic to say that this page of boxes is almost perfect. There are a couple of lines with errors but I chose not to highlight them because they are so slight. exercise

Long Modeled Drawing in Watercolor

I finished this watercolor exercise from The Natural Way to Draw. I started it several days ago.

Modeled drawing in watercolor

Daily Composition and Sketch

I could draw the cups and things on my desk the rest of my life and continue to be challenged I think. Especially with no preliminary drawing, just ink straight to the page.

I did do some preliminary pencil work for the figure in the chair for the daily composition though. I woman and a child enjoying the shade on a hot summer day.

daily composition and sketch

What went well, what was awesome! Celebrate It!

Not as much drawing as I would have liked but research and planning is always a part of any new project.

What needs work? What did you learn?

I would like to focus more on trying to do my best with everything I take on. It’s easy to run through projects just to get them done but this is not how great artists are made.

How am I going to Optimize moving forward?

I plan on bringing more presence to everything I create. Meditation, breathing and mindfulness practice will help with this.

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  1. Somehow, I have a feeling you’re going to kill this project. And this new aspect, you will gain new skills and insights. That’s like you. You got this!


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