I just worked on refining the head and neck trying to think about the skull and muscles.

Currently the only way I know to try and reach a semblance of volume in the figure it to increase the detail. I’m trying to see the minute details on the skin that describe the structures underneath. I think this is much more difficult with photos, I’m sure that if I was painting from life I could see more of these details. But, then I would also have lots of money to spend on models and my life would be much different…

Good news though, this paper is MUCH better. The cold press watercolor paper texture just had way too much texture for these small paintings. My pack of Arches hot press watercolor paper arrived after I started this painting. But the acid free BFK drawing paper that I’m using here is working really well.

I find working on paper to be far superior to gessoed boards. This is mainly due to price and ease of storage.

Refinement, setup

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