Recovery: Finished

As I finish with another long term painting I reflect on what I’ve learned.

Next painting I really need to make sure that I get the canvas texture correct. This one had problems from the very beginning because I put the layers of gesso on too thick. The entire canvas has this kind of orange peel look to it that causes a lot of glare once oil is added over it.

I’m also beginning to understand the importance of each step in the process being the best as possible. For this painting I did focus too much on the initial paint layer and in most cases just filled in the areas with color without much thought. This made it much more difficult for me in the end to get the look that I wanted.

I’m starting to pull away from the extreme detail a bit, I’m still much too cautious with my shapes on the figure. I’m sure I can push this further and remove a lot of detail from the paintings.

I need to paint something in a setting. Honestly a figure on a gray background is easy compared to dealing with an actual space and composition. I really believe that the next level of my art will be determined by how I compose figures in a space.

I keep thinking that I need to start taking my own pictures also. I have a really nice camera and I have some working knowledge of getting good exposures, but I need to take that to the next level so I can create reference images to fuel my paintings.

Recovery: Finished
Recovery: Finished
Recovery: Finished, detail
Recovery: Finished, setup

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  1. What images did you have in mind? Are you going to start photographing people in natural settings or stage photos of models? I’m intrigued and anxious to see how you will continue to develop your art.


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