Recline: Finished

After about 18 hours of work I’m finished with this painting and I must say I’m excited to start the next one also.

As I look over this painting I’m trying to find places from improvement. I’m happy with most of the painting and it is a bit difficult for me to point out anything I would do better. But, there are always a few things.

I’m still not sure of the drawing or shapes of the pelvic area close to the floor. The ASIS (Anterior Superior Iliac Spine) doesn’t seem to be in the right place and it lacks a bit of structure. This is a bone structure that is just as important as the rib cage in this painting. ¬†Also the bottom thigh is still a bit undefined, I’ll have to blame photography for this one, maybe…

I think the best parts of the painting are the rib cage, breasts, head and the foot that I did in this session. There is something about the way that I modeled these forms that seem more interesting and alive.

Recline: Finished
Recline: Finished

So, on youtube as always I’ve found another source of inspiration. Or maybe a guide for working and motivation. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Artists, is a video by Andrew Price. In the video he goes through these 7 habits and provides examples of successful working artists that practice habits such as these. I’m happy to say that I have most of these habits down already, it took me a while to get here. The one place where I’m lacking is getting feedback, I really need to facilitate some feedback on my work.

I must note that the way Andrew Price entered into his journey of art that led him to these 7 habits is not recommended. He basically made a bet based in negative reinforcement. There are much more positive ways of creating habits and if your interested you may want to read many of the posts on my wife’s blog,

Recline: Finished, detail
Recline: Finished, setup

4 thoughts on “Recline: Finished”

  1. Thank you for the shout-out.
    In animal training, we would never assume a training plan that works for one animal will automatically work for another. As complex as we humans are, it should come as no surprise that we require many choices of methods to find one that works for us. I’m really digging the point-system Life Safari with your personal Big Five. It may not work for someone else. It may not even work for you. But finding your method can be just as fun as the process you choose- so go explore.

    I just need to add, I am feeling very inadequate in my personal training skills when my husband knows more about anatomy and physiology than I do…

  2. Btw, I showed your finished painting to my co-works group and they are amazed at your skills. And they said SKILLS, not talent.


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