This was fun, after our workout today I jumped into the car and picked a random parking lot and painted a random scene. I really liked the super bright light that was hitting one wall on this office building. I had to get that light in very early in the painting because it went away fast. I knew it was going to shift quickly. I was painting at about 7pm and sunset would be at 8pm, so I was expecting the light to change rapidly. So the picture you see below doesn’t reflect how I started, I’m going to have to remember to take a photo of the scene before I start, then one after.

I’m really liking painting in my car. I have my own shade, quite, and if need be it can keep me away from the bugs. I do have to park in shade though, the car can get quite hot, and I refuse to keep the car running because thats just a waste of gas and bad for the environment. But tonight was perfect, I got a really nice breeze running through the car and it was nice and cool.

Honestly I don’t think subject matters very much in my current artistic training. Almost everything I draw and paint is currently challenging me. I feel like I could go to any spot, sit down, and begin working on what may at first seem benign but quickly turns into a challenge. This is great actually, I remember years ago walking around in nature for hours looking for a scene that was inspiring or interesting only to turn out a painting that was not at all worth the time involved searching out the perfect spot. I’m sure when I become more proficient that subject will become more important as I will need to challenge myself, but for now I will enjoy painting or drawing anything. 

The Setup


The Subject


Self Portrait Work

Starting back into some portrait work. This is going to be a rough and rocky journey ahead.

chris-beaven-conte-self-portrait-1-060415 chris-beaven-conte-self-portrait-2-060415


  • Session: 860
  • Work: 697
  • Width: 7"
  • Height: 5"
  • Medium: Oil, Conte
  • Location: Random Office Building in Beaverton, Self portrait in apartment
  • Art Time: 1.25
  • Creative Time:


Drawing, Painting

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I am an Artist and a programmer currently living in the amazing state of Washington. I have a passion for art, but I'm stubborn as hell with it. My day is complete only when I do some piece of art each day, no matter how small. "There was a dream that was Rome. You could only whisper it. Anything more than a whisper and it would vanish, it was so fragile."