Random Drawing Day

Today was one of those days that didn’t seem to start off right. I was up much too early and I just didn’t get into the groove of the day, I even had to take a nap. So this lead to a random drawing day, and a short drawing session at that.

My cat was having some issues so I had to keep a watch on him out on our deck just in case he got sick. So I brought my sketch book out there and started doing some drawings of trees. I was trying to figure out some good methods for rending the complex parts of trees that were characteristic of the different types of trees. This is difficult when you look at an evergreen tree with it’s trillions of needles and you’re holding an ink pen.

random drawing day, tree studies
tree studies

Later in the day I did some figure drawing work, after starting with a warmup page.

random drawing day, warmup
random drawing day, 1-2 min figure drawings
1-2 min figure drawing in ink
random drawing day, 5 minute figure
5 minute figure drawings

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