Quick Block-in

Well this painting is progressing much faster than the last already. I spent two hours on it today and I already have a full block-in.

I’m trying to push the colors a bit here and increase the chroma more than the reference. After looking at the photos that I took of the painting, I think I may increase the chroma more for the next session.

Most of the paints that I have on my palette are transparent and almost all of these colors will dry overnight, so this may be a great opportunity to do some glazing. I want to try and achieve a translucent quality to the skin. I’m not sure that “translucent” is the word I’m looking for here. Maybe ¬†glowing quality like Bouguereau achieves in his figures.

William Bouguereau, Biblis Detail

This figure is definitely glowing, but the more I look at the painting I see that he has blended some of the lightest part of the figure into the background to create that effect. You can see the full painting here.

Yikes! If you ever think you have reached a great level of painting skill just put your painting next to a master work. Now this is some motivation to get working even harder.

Quick Block-in
Quick Block-in
Quick Block-in, setup

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