Preventing Monotony

One of the keys to preventing monotony within a daily art practice, in my opinion, is to commit to several different daily practices.

The only issue that I find with this method is that I quickly run out of time with my art day and I’m not able to focus for a long period of time on any one thing.

Spending only 30 minutes on certain exercises is great but for my “important” work such as the Fandom Fitness drawings I’m working on currently, 30 minutes is just not long enough.

The exercises in The Natural Way to Draw by Kimon Nicolaides are great. They are all laid out in a logical manner, chopped up into small time segments and grouped into schedules.

The same is true for the exercises in Steve Hustons book, Figure Drawing for Artists.

So if you need a bit more motivation to keep up consistency with your art practice try one of the books above, commit to a monthly art challenge, or just pick up a brand new medium and try it out. This will do wonders for your motivation as well as your learning.

Indiana Jones Drawing

First in my day of preventing monotony is Indiana Jones. I spent about an hour on Indiana today before I took a long break. There were several other things I had planned today that I couldn’t miss.

But when I came back to the drawing I could see all kinds of issues that I didn’t see when I walked away. Another good reason to break longer drawing into multiple days and take photos of your work daily. The problems I noticed were as follows.

  • The right side of his face looks puffy, the structure is wrong there and this is all due to the shading.
  • It doesn’t quite look like Harrison Ford. For this I will need to do a deep comparative with the drawing and the photo.
  • There are too many pure white paper spots on his face. There are certain highlights that need to show and I can’t do that if his whole face is like a highlight.
Indiana Jones Fandom fitness drawing

I just wanted to point out that this whole practice that I undertake daily of looking at my work and critiquing it is part of deliberate practice and will provide the fastest way to expertise.

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Figure Drawing for Artists Exercises

Not only is Steve Hustons book helping out with my memory work but his simple way of describing forms is influencing my gestures.

The exercise today was to look for the long axis line in a master drawing by Boucher.

Nude Young Woman Sitting by Boucher

I couldn’t find a good image of this master work online so I just drew from the book.

Steve Huston Exercises

Today’s Gestures

Normally I look for the motive in these gestures and try to communicate that emotion, feeling or sense within the gestures. But for today I wanted to try out Steve Hustons technique for drawing the figure. It took much longer than the minute would allow for each figure but many of them had much better structure than before.

This is a wonderful video of Steve showing us how to draw a hand and it’s very similar to how he treats the whole body in his book.

Daily Composition and Object Sketch

With Steve Hustons book I’ve also started a daily sketch of a household object along side my daily compositions from memory.

I didn’t spend much time on either because I wanted to work more on the Indiana Jones drawing today.

The sketch is of my daily tea mug and the daily composition is of an old guy that walks his dog by our front window almost every day. I really liked how the tree in our front yard split him away from his little cute puppy.

Daily composition and object sketch

What went well?

Preventing monotony by keeping my art day full of different practices.

What needs work?

Plan my day better so that I have more time in art and try not to get stuck in other things even though you’re having a great time with them. Remember what is paramount.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

Step away from my work for a while to see its faults.

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