Portrait Practice 2

Ok, I’ve realized that I kinda suck at painting portraits and that is okay.

I’m not afraid at admitting what I’m not good at. In most cases is it motivating and gives me a clear direction. I know now that I need to work on painting portraits.

I will say that I could spend several more sessions on this painting and bring it back to something that actually looks good but what I want to accomplish is a good looking portrait painting in 2 hours time. So, I’ll study up on this and this blog may see an influx of many more portrait paintings.

Portrait Practice 1
Portrait Practice 1
Portrait Practice 1, setup


  1. I don’t think you suck at painting portraits…
    Look back to portraits from 3-4 years ago. You have gotten vastly better through daily practice and honing your skills.

    • You are correct, I just compare myself with a lot of really great portrait artists out there. What I should say is that I’ve improved but I’m still wanting to do better.

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