Portrait Attempt

I thought I would try something a little different today, a portrait. But, it seems that I’m super rusty with portraits as I haven’t focused on them in forever.

Below is my first attempt, after getting too much paint on the canvas I couldn’t seem to recover from all of the issues with drawing so I wiped it out. I feel that the failure of this painting started at the very beginning with not taking the time needed on the drawing. I drew with oil and a brush, much like I would if I was in an open studio so that may have something to do with it.¬†Honestly, I think I rushed through the drawing too much. I have a habit of doing that, one that I need to try hard and break myself of.

First try, then wipe out
First try, then wipe out

After wiping out the first portrait attempt I decided to start over and for this attempt I was able to calm myself and take my time. Unfortunately, I was out of time and had to go workout. I’m not worried though I will pick it up again tomorrow, hopefully with a better perspective than I had today.

portrait attempt, setup

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  1. It’s hard to be really proficient at many aspects of art. Not saying you can’t, but I can see it being incredibly difficult. You have to practice many different schools of focus, all at once. I think, like skills in CrossFit, the more you go back and forth, focusing on one aspect over another, you’ll find the “learning curve” time lessens.


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