Planning For Failure

Through my years of daily art I’ve learned that my state of mind determines success or failure even before I start.

The next 5 or 6 posts I’m writing many days after actually doing the art work. It’s because I was sick for close to a week and I would rather sleep then write.

These next few days of drawing was some of my worst drawing in a long time, but that is ok. It makes sense actually. I was sick and my mind was so far from focus that there was no way I could pull out any good drawings. I understood this going into the days session though, so I planned for it, I planned to fail, but I put in the work anyway.

Great art takes concentration, sometimes very intense concentration. Some of my best work is when I’ve entered into some sort of “Zen” state where it’s just me and the canvas. But when I’m sick and all I want to do is go to bed there is no hope for concentration or quality work.

So as I forced myself to set up my drawing board and begin drawing I just let go. I knew these drawing were going to be the best and I was ok with that. I just let the gestures happen as they may and tried not to get too frustrated.

Session Details