Perspective Work: Apartment Interior Painting

Thursdays are the days that I have set aside for perspective work, and one of the best places to study perspective is in any interior. I chose our kitchen because of all of the straight lines and angles.

I spent most of the time drawing out the kitchen and trying to get all the angle correct. For the most part I did well, but some of the lengths are off, but I got all the angles correct.

Perspective Work: Apartment Interior Painting, the drawing
The drawing

I remembered to snap a photo just after starting to paint. I wanted to get a good photo of the drawing before covering it up with paint since I spent most of the time on the drawing.

Perspective Work: Apartment Interior Painting, setup
Setup of easel

After starting the painting, I began to not like it as much. Most of my color were going too green because I was trying to get a darker cooler shade of warm colored walls, but I think I went too cool and into green. Regardless I realized this would have worked much better for me if I would have just stuck with charcoal and drew out the whole interior then worked up the value.

Perspective Work: Apartment Interior Painting, value comparison
Black and white photo for value comparison

Before starting I took a photo of the subject and used my iPhone to turn it black and white. But I ended up not using it at all. Using my phone to take a preliminary image is a good way to check if the subject I’m choosing is good for whatever I’m focusing on.

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