Peck Park Landscape Pochade Box Trial

So, I made myself a pochade box. It’s super cheap, only cost me about $3 worth of foam core. I haven’t shared a picture of it on here yet because I’m still working out if its viable or not. Plus after this trial painting I figured out some issues that I will have to fix with it. Once I have it all figured out though I will be sure to share it here so people can make their own super cheap pochade box.

The painting is of a park close to us that we go to sometime to workout. It has been very long since I have painted a landscape and I think the 10X8 size was a bit too much for me to handle. I plan on getting some smaller 5X7 boards to paint on.

I hope to start doing quick landscapes every day. I need to get out of the apartment more and I also want to challenge myself with different subject matter plus keep from getting stagnant with one subject. Once I figure out my quick and easy pochade box setup I feel like I can quickly start a landscape anywhere.

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