Pattie: Frustration

I’m a bit frustrated with the work done today at it is not turning out how I would have hoped.

I’m okay with the slow progress, I give as much time daily as I can, but I wish that every session I spent on the painting was successful.

Today I started filling in the front grid of the shelving unit and realized that I would have to work not only the front grid but the inside of each box at the same time. Painting the grid over the insides of each cubby hole results in edges that are much too sharp.

Now that I think about it though, it is frustrating days like this that I learn something and what I learned today is that you can’t treat objects in an oil painting as different entities. Lost and soft edges are a part of everything and if the paint is wet for both objects the process goes much smoother. So, for the next session I’m going to go back to blocking in everything and get the entire block-in done first before continuing with details.

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