Part of my series of paintings where I attempt to depict all of who the person is. What their thinking, their mannerisms, their loves, their wants. A true since of their presence at the moment caught into the painting.

Patrick is a man deep in the now of life. Celebrating what comes and cherishing the complexity of whatever happens. He is a truly unique individual that, in our short time together, taught me much about life and living in the moment.

Deliberate practice


Session 141

The journey on this painting has been long and I’ve learned a ton.I’ve learned how to stick with a painting for multiple months and keep interest in it. I’ve learned all kinds of new ways to apply paint and many different mixtures of colors that I never previously tried. Above all I’ve learned that what I’m trying to say in my art is paramount.

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Santa and a Jar of Hair

Session 140

I love the title of this post. There are some phrases that I could never in a million years think that I would every write, and this is one.

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Glue and Can

Session 139

I love the weekend! I’m up early and working on art by 6am.

Today I’m finishing some of the still life items above Patrick. Not the kind of work to tax my brain at all but I’m still alert and looking for the feeling of the subject.

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Cardboard Box

Session 138

Today I painted the background of the next shelf which is a cardboard box in preparation for painting the items tomorrow.

I also worked on photo editing for my next portrait painting, which I’m getting excited about.

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Shelf Finished

Session 137

I finished the large shelf on the top left today. All the parts and pieces are starting to come together.

My energy is definitely waning on this painting. I’ve learned that months on the same painting is very difficult to do.

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Session 136

I worked on the third layer of paint over the Cd’s on Patrick’s shelf and I like them a lot more now that I broke up their edges.

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Brushes and Can

Session 135

Nothing very flashy or special today. I’m putting in the work that needs to get done and trying to find some meaning beyond the visual.

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Pencil Holders and Pencils

Session 134

I feel like I’m on the home stretch with this painting while I work on all the background items.

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Cosmos of Thoughts

Session 133

I see all kinds of imagery in the drawing hanging behind Patrick’s head. Words, names, suns, landscapes, homes and the cosmos.

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