Patrick: Working Regardless

Entering a state of calm and focus is very important for me before art but today was a challenge to focus.

We all have days like that, some day’s it’s so bad that you just want to not work at all. But these are the times when you can practice moving from an innervated state to a calm and focused state. See the craziness that is happening before you begin as an opportunity rather than a hindrance. All it takes in a change in the way you think about things in order to get is working regardless of what is happening around us. So, thank you to my cat for annoying me before my art time and thank you to the scam call right before I started, plus thank you to my own brain for leading me into audio-book distraction. Without these distractions I wouldn’t have been able to practice calming myself and getting some work done on Patrick’s arm that I’m very happy with.

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