Patrick: The Other Leg

I’m still a bit sick but I’m able to spend about an hour painting with good results.

These areas I’m working on now are on the edges of the painting and I want them to look convincing but I’m not putting in near as much detail as other more important parts of the painting. I’m also having fun just playing with different ways to lay down the paint energetically.

I’m also trying to work on my fundamentals daily with sketches that I do later in the day or when I feel like it. I should schedule it to make it a real habit. But for the moment I’m getting them done as the fundamentals are so important. What is amazingly serendipitous about this is that I received an email yesterday from Nathan at with an article helping me work on the fundamentals. The article How To Practice Drawing Effectively: The Ultimate Beginners Guide is great for any artists looking to start a lasting drawing habit and covers a ton of information. Two of my favorite points and lessons that I think all artists need to take to heart are Deliberate Practice and Be Consistent. Although I think the article could have spent a bit more time on, what I feel is the foundation for every artist, getting your mind and body right first. At some point I’ll be writing on the importance Sleeping, Eating, Moving, Presence and Meditation all of which have allowed me to succeed in my art as well as all other aspects of my life. Without this foundation, everything else, including my art suffers.

So go check out the article, leave a comment for Nathan and learn a bit more about how to become a better artist.

What went well?

Finished the leg quickly and had fun with some energetic strokes.

What didn’t go so well?

I’m a bit sick currently with a cough so my energy isn’t at its best.

What did I learn?

I really don’t need to describe these areas of the painting in super detail. It will not add to my message I just need to make sure that they don’t detract from my overall message.

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