Patrick: The Knee

I determined to get Patrick finished in this painting so my goal is to work on him until the whole bottom half of the painting is done.

Once I have Patrick done then I can worry about all the background elements and getting them figured out. I’m enjoying everything I do on this painting which is amazing considering this is the 121st session I’ve spent on it. My motivational longevity for one single painting has improved tremendously over the years!

Today I started on his knee with what may be the third layer of paint here. But, I expect to want to put at least one or two more layers over before I’ll call it done. I’m almost certain that I will hit 200 sessions on this painting, I wonder if I will hit 300.

What went well?

I’m back to painting and this layer is simple but it’s really helping to define the curve of the knee.

What didn’t go so well?

I could have had more focus today, I need to work more on that. Actually I’m sure I will always need to be vigilant on my focus.

What did I learn?

Ignore the hair and focus on the shape of the limb, it’s value, color and the curve of the form. You can come back and put in the subtle value changes that is the hair on the leg.


I was able to get some sketching done later in the night, yay!

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