Patrick: The Foot

This morning I worked on Patrick’s foot. Getting the drawing and values refined while also setting up for more layers later.

When I first assembled the images that made this composition I was worried about the prominence of his foot as well as how different it is from all other portraits I’ve seen. But then I read a biography of Caravaggio titled Caravaggio by Andrew Graham-Dixon, I highly recommend it if your interested in Caravaggio. One of the greatest things I learned about Caravaggio is his use of peasants and poor people as models for the most holy figures in the Bible. He constantly referenced the humanity of these holy figures by portraying them as every day people that everyone was familiar with, essentially bringing saints down to earth and saying, “look these people are just like you and me”. One of the most prominent ways he did this was to show the models feet in the most exquisite of detail with wonderful anatomy.

So, here is Patrick, wonderfully authentic and in his home, without shoes and the most closest thing to me is his foot.

Similar to this painting by Caravaggio titled Saint Matthew and the Angel where his foot is the closest thing to viewer, it’s almost sticking out of the canvas. Awesome!


What went well?

Got to work first thing this morning.

What didn’t go so well?

Accuracy with the leg meeting the foot needs work.

What did I learn?

Always work on the drawing as I’m painting. There is no separation from drawing and painting they are one in the same.

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