Patrick: Salsa Jar Full of Pencils

I’m in the habit of starting out new areas of a painting with a block-in but I would rather just paint an impression of what I see.

So I stopped the block-in and just started painting what I see as close as possible with not a ton of accuracy. I just want to get an impression of all the details here and try to infuse some energy into it with later layers.

What went well?

Focus on an area and getting it completed well.

What didn’t go so well?

I didn’t get a lot done, not that this is a huge issue but I’m just seeing the ton of work that needs to be done and hoping to get it done within the next few months. I have to continue to remind myself that creativity cannot be put on a schedule. I will finish it! in the future…. sometime 🙂

What did I learn?

I started using a brush that was really worn down and then switched to a newer brush with longer bristles and I found that the older brush would scratch into the paint more leaving the background visible while the newer brush laid the paint down in a thicker way with no background showing through. Neither is wrong, but I can use this in the future to serve specific purposes.

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