Patrick: More Filling In

We are home now and I’m back to work on Patrick’s painting. I’m motivated to get all the gray covered up so I’m doing initial layers.

I’m not taking on anything crazy today, I’m going to ease back into the routine. Just an hour of translating what I see on to canvas in a thin coat of paint. Perfect preparation for subsequent layers later.

What went well?

The general idea of the glue bottle, metal can and brushes went down well and they look very convincing for a simple sketch.

What didn’t go so well?

It’s getting harder and harder to answer this question, but it is necessary for improvement. I have to say that for today I could have observed the cast shadows a bit better. My focus was waning at the end so I wasn’t at my best.

What did I learn?

Focus for everything you do is key. Recognize your energy level and plan your intentions accordingly to get the best outcome.

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