Patrick: Make Him Part of it All

To quote one of my favorite movies. “I’ve had an apostrophe, lightning has just struck my brain”.

I’m reading several books right now, An Audience of One by Shrinivas Rao , The Art Spirit by Robert Henri and Color and Light by James Gurney. These books and the few I have recently read have put my art into overdrive, my motivation is through the roof and I can’t wait to start work on this painting again tomorrow. Plus, the other day I had an apiphany about Patrick’s painting then quickly captured it in my notebook which I keep near all the time.

“Make him part of it all! Above him the cosmos, a kaleidoscope of color, his aura and his connection to it”.

Every brush stroke of this painting will be in service of this big idea. To describe Patrick how I see him. How I see his connection with everything, when he speaks of everyone’s connection with all that there is and how all of us, everyone, is perfect exactly where they are in the moment. His personality is all about connection, love and oneness. This is what I must try and communicate.

I’m also reminded of a speech by Alan Watts. In which he speaks about our loss of wonder for existence and the meaning of life. I quote him, “On feeling the marvel of just an ordinary pebble in your fingers”. And this quote continues to surface while I work today and as my eye wanders over the objects in the picture I wonder a their minute details and try hard to communicate the texture of the wall, the life and movement of the black couch and all of its subtle colors and directions.

Detail of the texture I’m creating now and the melding of Patrick into his surroundings, connecting him with everything.

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