Patrick: Hand and Arm

I started working on the hand trying to get it looking somewhat finished when I realized that I need to do a lot of work on the arm also.

I’m learning and changing so much during the life of this painting that the painting is also changing with me. I can’t, and I won’t just let it go. If I see something that I can improve on this I go back and do it even if I have to start from the beginning again.

While I’m painting the hand today I see that I’m applying the paint with much more energy that is in the arm and wrist it is attached to. I want more energy and life, this is the purpose of this painting. Patrick IS energy and life and I must convey that aspect in everything I do here.

I guess some time after finishing his neck and moving to the arms I lost that energy but now it’s time to go back over both arms and shoulders and bring it back.

It’s going to make this painting take even longer but  I don’t really care about how much time a painting takes to finish. If I work on this painting for the next year but everything I do is of the best of my ability and serves the major purpose of the painting then that is good.

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