Patrick: Hair Notes

I made some changes to the wall value and did the first layer of a framed art of hair notes.

I’m not sure the reason for the work of art but I think that musical notes made out of hair is simply amazing. The concept is so different from anything that I’ve ever heard. I would love to talk to the person that made it, maybe Patrick, and figure out the concept behind it.

What went well?

I got a lot done because I was focusing on a well done initial layer with plans of coming back over it with finishing work.

What didn’t go so well?

I’m loving this question now because I’m finding it so hard to answer! The answer for today is that I wish I had several more hours to work on the painting.

What did I learn?

For certain items, like this picture frame, don’t worry about the sharp edges. I’m surprised at how ragged an edge can look but still appear as very crisp from a distance. Just make sure the drawing is right.

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