Patrick: Finished

After 141 Sessions of work on this painting I’m calling it finished.

The journey on this painting has been long and I’ve learned a ton.I’ve learned how to stick with a painting for multiple months and keep interest in it. I’ve learned all kinds of new ways to apply paint and many different mixtures of colors that I never previously tried. Above all I’ve learned that what I’m trying to say in my art is paramount.

Before this painting I had a completely different idea of where I wanted to take my art and now I’m coming very close to my purpose as an artist. The more I look at this painting the more I love it and it’s completion fills me with excitement and motivation to start the next portrait.

As I look back over the last 4 or 5 major works that I have completed I see a definite upward progression in quality and message. It’s super motivating when I think that every painting I do is better than the last, it makes me want to do nothing but art all day every day!




What went well?

I finished this painting of Patrick and I think it’s my best painting yet!

What didn’t go so well?

The biggest problem with this painting is that the brushwork is not unified throughout the painting. Over the months I experimented a lot with this work and it shows if you look.

What did I learn?

See above, I learned a ton.


Today’s Sketch


    • Thanks Rob! I worked my butt off on this one. As soon as I get out of my drawing phase and back into portraits I hope to surpass the love an emotion I put in to Patrick’s painting.

  1. I love this painting! Truly a masterpiece! I feel like I know this guy and want to hang out with him and know it would be fun. The colors are wonderful too, but the personality comes through so strongly that the paint application is secondary to the message. It’s a painting about a person rather than a painting about painting (although the painting is exciting too). To me that would be success.

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