Patrick: Back to Patrick

After 10 days away from this painting it took me a while to just get setup for it but it feels good to be back to oil and the figure.

I love the idea of switching up what I work on throughout the week and months to keep my motivation high and knowledge in multiple subjects fresh but one thing I learned on this session was to plan for the extended time with changing my setup. Moving from gouache to oil took me about a half hour after cleaning up all my gouache supplies and putting them away then getting out all my oil paints and resetting my easel.

What went well?

Patrick’s left arm is coming together nicely and I put the finishing touches on the beer bottle.

What didn’t go so well?

My setup time was much longer than I planned for so it took away time from painting.

What did I learn?

When switching mediums plan for a longer setup time.


I’m working on trying to do some sketching every day. I’ve been working on doing it for weeks but today was the first day that I actually got one done. While I was on the phone with Mom.

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