Patrick: All Over the Place

I worked all over the place today. Starting with the couch and wall and ending up all the way on the other side of the canvas.

Every day I pick something I’m interested in either within this painting or on another subject and work on that. My main goal is to work on art every day for as long as I can, what exactly I work on is almost irrelevant. I feel as long as I’m learning something, working on art every day and furthering my skills in some aspect of art then I doing what I should be doing.

So today I moved to a different part of the painting and then painted in multiple places as that is where my interest was headed. It wasn’t random today though. I wanted to see if I could get the acid green in the drawing even more vibrant, and I did, then I wanted to see what the super dark black painting on the right of the canvas would do to the composition.

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