I was a reticent in painting this image because of the nudity. Before I didn’t care but when I start showing in galleries and painting I love are rejected due to nudity I start to question if I need to show it or not.

I painted it anyway.

I could paint for others, I could paint for money but I’m lucky enough right now to have the freedom to paint for myself.

I don’t like that the naked body is controversial but my that doesn’t change the situation.

Maybe it’s an issue I should address directly in my paintings?


Painting Sessions

Close To Finished, detail

Close To Finished

I’m so close to finished with this painting that it was hard to stop this session. Alas, my schedule is packed daily so I had to put the brush down.

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Subtle Changes, detail

Subtle Changes

As I work further into this painting it seems that I accomplish nothing but subtle changes, even after two hours each session.

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A Little Lost, detail

A Little Lost

I’m not sure exactly what was happening with this session but I was feeling a little lost and couldn’t figure out the complexity of this foot and leg.

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Wet Paint, detail

Wet Paint

I was mistaken in thinking that my current palette of paints dry in one day so I was having issues with wet paint pulling away from the canvas.

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Quick Block-in, detail

Quick Block-in

Well this painting is progressing much faster than the last already. I spent two hours on it today and I already have a full block-in.

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