On To The Next Painting, detail

On To The Next Painting

Today I finished up this female figure with painting her legs and feet and now I’m on to the next painting. I may do some touchup to this work once it is dry, and I definitely need to varnish it and take better photos of it.

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Painting Legs, detail

Painting Legs

Just a short post today with me sticking to the facts. With this session I worked on the legs of this figure painting.

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Painting Progression, detail

Painting Progression

For the past 4 years of daily painting I’ve focused a lot on time. I believe, that in our society today, most artists have a misconception of time when associated with art making.

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Painting Breasts, detail

Painting Breasts

As I paint the provocative parts of human anatomy I can’t help but think about their social implications with whomever around me sees the work. Painting breasts or genitalia is not in any way provocative for me, it’s just a study of drawing, value and color, and yet…

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Subtle Shades, detail

Subtle Shades

There are so many different subtle shades of value and color throughout the body that I find it infinitely interesting.

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Working Small,detail

Working Small

This painting would be much easier if I was working on a larger canvas. But, working small has its advantages as well as being good training.

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Female Figure Painting Start, detail

Female Figure Painting Start

The subject for this figure painting was chosen because I felt the pose was difficult. I portrait along with the figure, prominent hands and feet with not much twist in the body.

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