This is the second painting in what I hope to be a very long series of portraits. The first was of myself, the second is of my wife and the next will further expand out to people not as close to me.


Pattie: Home Again

We had a super long trip last night and didn’t get home till 2am so I’m painting a bit late in the day on Pattie’s portrait after getting some needed sleep.

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Pattie: Wood Floor

I wasn’t looking forward to the wood floor so I just dove right into it. Normally when I don’t like something it’s because I need practice.

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Pattie: Busy Day

Right after work today I had to shoot off to the mainland for a Dr appointment so I’m doing my art much later in the day than normal.

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Pattie: Dishes

I’m not working on two paintings, I’ve determined the next painting’s composition and I have started preparing its canvas.

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Pattie: Travel Day

I spent most of the day today traveling and waiting with errands on the mainland. As I write this I’m totally exhausted but happy that I got some work done on the painting.

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Pattie: 100 Sessions

I’ve worked on this painting now for 100 sessions. Most of the session have been an hour or shorter but this is still the longest I’ve ever worked on a painting.

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Pattie: More Elephants

Today was a shorter session as I need to run off to a friends house to take photos for another planned portrait. I now have two more portraits in the works.

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Pattie: Elephants

Another session with the top shelf. I’m working from left to right and at the end of the line is a bunch of elephant figurines.

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Pattie: More Fairies

I worked on more items at the top shelf today plus I went through over 400 photos taken of Patrick yesterday. I’m excited for the next portrait.

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Pattie: Fairies

The small mass of items at the top of the shelves includes fairies and a whole bunch of stuff that isn’t recognizable, at this point it is just texture.

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Pattie: Angels

I’m now working on a couple angles to the right of the tiny portraits. These will be much more indistinct and fuzzy than the portraits.

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Pattie: Top Shelf

For this session and many others I’ve moved to the top of the shelving unit and started with all the complex items stacked up there.

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Pattie: After Cruise

We are back home from the cruise and I’m doing my art later in the day, it is good to be back home although I’m still rocking like I’m on the ship.

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Pattie: Cushion

Today I worked on the cushion and box that Pattie is sitting on. I’m moving all over the painting picking out easy subjects.

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Pattie: Mindset

It’s important to recognize my mindset when beginning a session it can make a huge difference in my performance.

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Pattie: Legs

I’m working on her legs now, not much to say as I’m still sick and trying to do art daily without messing up anything on the painting.

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Pattie: Simple

The medicine I’m taking for my cold is making me groggy and unfocused so I recognize this and work on something simple.

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Pattie: Knee

For this session it was really easy, I had a wonderful call with my brother and painted Pattie’s Knee.

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Pattie: Shirt Again

Not much to update for this session, I’m still working on the shirt and will be for the next few sessions. Lots of bluish gray and subtle values.

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Pattie: Shirt

Moving down from the face and neck I’m working on the blueish gray shirt now. And starting in the shadows.

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Pattie: Fairy Locks

Pattie wears these wonderfully colorful collections of yarn tied into her pony tails and today’s session was all about reproducing the one she is wearing accurately.

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Pattie: Bottom to Top

I finished the basic block-in for the floor and then I moved all the way to the top of the painting and starting blocking in the top of the shelving unit.

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Pattie: More Cubbies

I’m enjoying the relaxed painting of cubby holes that I’m doing currently, I a few more of these to go before I return to the portrait for more refinement.

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Pattie: First Layer

I’m still working on the background, this may take the longest even though I’m not planning on going super high detail with it.

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Pattie: Background

I started on the background today to get away from the portrait for a bit. Her face is not done yet but it is good to work on something a bit different for a while.

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Pattie: Oil

I’ve started with oil now and I’m taking my time, I don’t want to rush this as it is the first time I’m trying oil over acrylic.

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Pattie: Neck

Painting in the areas surrounding the head really adds depth to the painting so far, I’m even happier with the face as I start on the neck.

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Pattie: Transparency

In small ways I keep experimenting with how acrylic uses transparency because the dry time is so quick that I can try many things quickly.

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Pattie: Ready for Paint

I’m done with the initial drawing, but I will continue to refine it through the whole painting process but I’m excited to begin painting in the next session.

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Pattie: Anxious to Paint

I’m so close to finished with the drawing that I can’t wait to start painting. But I need to finish the drawing well if the painting has any change of going well.

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Pattie: More Photos

I needed to take more photos of the shelving today after trying to refine the keepsakes I’ve been drawing, I needed more detail.

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Pattie: Keepsakes

The background of this painting is a large shelving unit full of keepsakes. I’m excited and a little overwhelmed at all the detail to capture.

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Pattie: Folds

Folds in clothing can get super complicated and as I move down the portrait I’m having to deal with more and more folds.

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New Painting

The idea for this painting has been in my head for months and I finally had time to take the photos.

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