Part of my series of paintings where I attempt to depict all of who the person is. What their thinking, their mannerisms, their loves, their wants. A true since of their presence at the moment caught into the painting.

Patrick is a man deep in the now of life. Celebrating what comes and cherishing the complexity of whatever happens. He is a truly unique individual that, in our short time together, taught me much about life and living in the moment.

Deliberate practice

Patrick: Cd’s

I worked on the third layer of paint over the Cd’s on Patrick’s shelf and I like them a lot more now that I broke up their edges.

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Patrick: Figure Done

Today is a big milestone in the Patrick painting. I’m almost 100% sure that I’ve finished the figure unless I find something I hate later.

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Patrick: The Foot

This morning I worked on Patrick’s foot. Getting the drawing and values refined while also setting up for more layers later.

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Patrick: The Knee

I determined to get Patrick finished in this painting so my goal is to work on him until the whole bottom half of the painting is done.

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Patrick: More Wall Fun

I love the abstraction that I’m infusing into the wall behind Patrick and it is so much fun to relax and let the texture and color flow from me.

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Patrick: Hand and Arm

I started working on the hand trying to get it looking somewhat finished when I realized that I need to do a lot of work on the arm also.

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Patrick: More Hair

I started working on the right side of Patrick’s hair. When I finish this I feel his head will be completed but I still have a very long way to go on this painting.

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Patrick: Beard

After a wonderful day hiking the mountains around Mt Baker with Pattie and Susan I’m painting later in the day and working on Patrick’s beard.

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Patrick: Neck

My work is taking up a lot of time time right now due to a deadline so I just spent the minimum time on painting Patrick today.

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Patrick: Breakthrough

The process I used to paint part of Patrick’s face today yielded wonderful results and I will be following it’s example for the rest of the painting.

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Patrick: Bandana

I did some work on Patrick’s blue bandana and the intricate design on it. But I kept it much lighter than the photo,

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Patrick: Arm

My schedule is a bit off this week, so I’m painting later at night with not much motivation on Patrick’s arm. I expect to do it over later.

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Patrick: Teeth

I’ve avoided details of the mouth until now. Teeth take lots of concentration to get right and if painted wrong they stand out horribly.

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Patrick: Paint Over Edges

I’m beginning to learn to always paint over edges and to never just paint a color up to an edge. It’s easier to harden edges later, keep them mostly soft.

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Patrick: Neck

Today I started work on his neck with a focus on high chroma and texture in an attempt to communicate the weather beaten skin.

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Patrick: Uncertainty

I’m trying to figure out what I want to accomplish with this portrait. I think the drawing and composition is set but the paint application needs something more.

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Patrick: Direction

Each area of a painting starts with no direction, I feel lost when starting, so I just focus on something small and specific that I can effect well.

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Patrick: Bandana

I didn’t feel that I had a lot of energy for focus this morning so I worked on the base color for the bandana and some of the background.

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Patrick: Medium

During this session I thought to use Gamblins Neo-Meglip medium to bolster the texture of the paint but that idea fell flat, literally and figuratively.

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Patrick: Impasto

I’m close to slapping on the paint thickly with a palette knife, maybe if I sculpt the portrait out of paint I can come close to the life I want to achieve.

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Patrick: Another Leg

I’m really loving the purples, oranges and all the high chroma colors I see in the legs juxtaposed next to the ruddy tones and the couch.

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Patrick: Leg

I’m moving on to the first layer of paint over Patrick’s leg and some of the black couch in the background.

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Patrick: The Foot

Patrick’s foot is so prominent in the painting that I first worried about it’s awkwardness but now I feel it may be one of the most important parts of the painting.

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Patrick: Reds and Oranges

Patrick’s neck is a much more deep red further confused by the unnaturally intense orange of his shirt. Detailing this area later is going to be interesting.

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Patrick: Layering

I spent some time painting over some of the face and layering the paint. This is the last of layering for now as I decide to work a single layer over the entire figure first.

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Patrick: No More Strokes

I’m trying my best not to stroke the brush on the canvas, instead I use a frayed brush and meander it across the surface. It’s closer to real life this way.

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Patrick: Drawing Done

I’m done with the drawing with graphite now it is time to begin with paint. I will always be drawing but now it is time to transition to painting.

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Patrick: Awkward

This is the stage of drawing were it always seems very awkward looking to me. Just lines placed with accuracy and no emotion.

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Patrick: Start

I’m working larger, my surface is canvas now instead of paper and my setup is totally different. Lots will change with this painting.

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