I painted Winnie years ago and I’ve always wanted to redo that painting better. After Sullivan’s death I felt it was time. But before I memorialize Sullivan in a painting I owe it to Winnie to finish hers first.

I wanted her beautiful eyes to be the center of interest. So I composed the whole painting around her head. The next goal was to accomplish some great brushwork for her fur. I haven’t painting fur that much in my career so it was a challenge to accomplish.

I also wanted to capture her regal posture. She was always a very queenly cat with her piercing green eyes and golden mane.


3115: Winnie Session 15

I thought I was finished with Winnie but I spotted a fix when viewing the photos.

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3114: Winnie Session 14

Super productive day with CreateQuest but my art time was interrupted by a Doctors appointment.

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3113: Winnie Session 13

A very interesting day with CreateQuest, Art and an Arts Commission Meeting!

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3112: Winnie Session 12

More work on the background of Winnie’s painting as I experiment with composition.

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3111: Winnie Session 11

Another wonderful day of making art and improving the wisdom I share through CreateQuest.

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3110: Winnie Session 10

Today’s art session was shorter than normal. I spent an hour picking blackberries!

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3109: Winnie Session 9

Josh and I had a fun CreateQuest meeting this morning. Not very productive but fun!

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3108: Winnie Session 7

Today’s session on Winnie’s painting has been the best yet.

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3107: Winnie Session 7

Another day of working slowly and struggling with all this fur.

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3106: Winnie Session 6

Today I’m trying to improve brushwork and testing brighter colors.

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3105: Winnie Session 5

Starting over, sort of.

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3104: Winnie Session 4

Back to the painting of Winnie today.

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3099: Winnie Session 3

Nothing special today. I spent most all of my time on the background of the Winnie painting.

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3098: Winnie Session 2

I didn’t have as much time as I would like on painting today but I did make progress.

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3097: Winnie Cat Returns

While Impermanence dries I’m moving on to a redo of a painting of Winnie.

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  • Work: 1796
  • Size: 18" x 24"
  • Medium: Oil on Board
  • Sessions: 15
  • Start date: 7/19/2021
  • End date: 8/6/2021