The Time to Contemplate


Influenced by Olga Krimon and her use of different types of mark making in her paintings I’m using this very calm subject to play with texture and marks. I love the subject, it’s quiet, has a narrative and I think can connect with many people that have been captured by the beauty of the sun passing beyond the ocean horizon.

Reference Attribution

Because of the constant questioning of originality in today’s world, even though I do a post for every single day I work on these paintings, I’ve created this section to attribute all the imagery I use for the painting to show that I own or have legally licensed them.

For this painting I used 1 main image and I’m unable to attribute it to any photographer. I found it on Pinterest and can’t connect it to any creator. Hopefully the edits and my interpretation of the painting is different enough from the photograph that may people don’t feel it’s direct copy.

If you would like a print of this painting please send me a message with what size you would like here.

The Creation Process