The Pear Tree


I don’t have any models that I can pay. Or, to be more accurate, I don’t have any models that I can afford to pay. This leads me to using myself as subject matter.

At the beginning, the purpose of this painting was simple. Get a great photo of someone and paint it. The execution of this painting was far from simple.

36 session and one paint over later, I’ve learned how I like to paint and much about who I want to be.

The Pear Tree is more than a reproduction of my likeness. It’s a whole hell of a lot of struggle culminating into my own internal, psychological, portrait of myself.

The next painting will be deeply influenced by this experience and it will be much different.


3338: The Pear Tree, Session 36

The Pear Tree is finished! If I didn’t start this painting over it would have taken 13 sessions less. But I learned a ton!

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3337: The Pear Tree, Session 35

The shirt is moving fast I expect to finish this painting tomorrow. I haven’t had this many sessions on one painting in a long while.

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3336: The Pear Tree, Session 34

Yes! I’m not sure what this technique is called but I like leaving the strokes bare, separate, no smoothing.

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3335: The Pear Tree, Session 33

The more I try to smooth out the skin the less I like it. I’m going to keep it like it is.

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3334: The Pear Tree, Session 32

One hour of painting this morning and and bringing the face up to where I want it.

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3333: The Pear Tree, Session 31

I’m spending more time on web development for my site right now so this painting will go a bit slower.

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3332: The Pear Tree, Session 30

I’m done with the background! Yay! I may change it a bit but for now back to the portrait.

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3331: The Pear Tree, Session 29

Back to The Pear Tree and I’m still working on all the leaves for the tree.

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3320: The Pear Tree, Session 28

Another session down. Still working on the leaves of the pear tree and still having fun.

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3319: The Pear Tree, Session 27

I hope to finish the background on the next session. Then I’ll move on to the next painting for a few days.

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3318: The Pear Tree, Session 26

At this point I thought I would be getting tired of all the leaves but I’m actually enjoying it.

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3317: The Pear Tree, Session 25

Dealing with a few distractions this morning so my progress was as great at yesterday.

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3316: The Pear Tree, Session 24

The right side of the background is done. Two more good sessions and I can finish it.

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3315: The Pear Tree, Session 23

More time on the background and I’m changing my mind on painting landscapes… maybe…

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3314: The Pear Tree, Session 22

I’ve got a good method going for the background now it’s time to repeat.

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3313: The Pear Tree, Session 21

First layer of the skin is done and I’m moving to the block-in of the background.

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3296: The Pear Tree, Session 20

Now it’s time to put this painting down and let the background and shirt dry.

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3295: The Pear Tree, Session 19

This painting is coming together quickly.

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3294: The Pear Tree, Session 18

I’m moving to the background now and the contrast is amazing!

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3293: The Pear Tree, Session 17

Moving out from the face into all the hair this guy has.

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3292: The Pear Tree, Session 16

Instead of a block-in I’m going straight for what I want and I’m loving it.

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3291: The Pear Tree, Session 15

I refined the drawing today and barely got started painting when time was up.

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3290: The Pear Tree, Session 14

I started over on The Pear Tree and used it for an easy session today and recovery.

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3219: The Pear Tree, Session 13

Small changes to this painting. A layer of glazed white over the face.

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3216: The Pear Tree, Session 12

Not much time spent today but I wanted to feel a brush in my hand again.

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3209: The Pear Tree, Session 11

I’m waiting for the face to dry so I’m working the background up.

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3208: The Pear Tree, Session 10

I’m still working like crazy on web stuff but I tried to get some painting in today.

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3171: The Pear Tree, Session 9

I’m not spending a lot of time daily on painting so the progress on this painting is slow.

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3170: The Pear Tree, Session 8

Working on the details of the face now and trying as hard as I can to understand the complex colors I see.

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3169: The Pear Tree, Session 7

The super simple block-in for the whole painting is done. Tomorrow I’ll get back to details.

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3168: The Pear Tree, Session 6

The best way to figure out a color is to also figure out the colors next to it.

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3167: The Pear Tree, Session 5

I worked a bit more on the skin color trying to get a base to work from.

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3166: The Pear Tree, Session 4

First layer on the face is close to finished and I’m moving outward into the background and down the body.

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3165: The Pear Tree, Session 3

I’ve started painting and I’ve started with detail right away.

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3164: The Pear Tree, Session 2

For this post and the next few posts I’m going to keep the text very short.

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3163: The Pear Tree, Session 1

After some serious deliberation on my second morning walk I’ve come to a conclusion.

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  • Work: 1801
  • Size: 20" x 30"
  • Medium: Oil on Canvas
  • Sessions: 36
  • Start date: 9/23/2021
  • End date: 3/17/2022