Inspiration can come from anywhere, and even though I’m not focusing on painting scenes specifically from Hawaii, although, if I did paint those, they would probably sell better. I was influenced today by a digital image by an artist named Tuomas Korpi. I really like the colors of the image and I like the visuals as well. It seems like this very epic scene and I still want the figure to be part of it so it’s wonderful that there is a small figure in the painting.

So I used that inspiration from the original painting, and I made some small adjustments to it. I changed the figure to be a lot larger, and I changed the figure to be a girl on a surfboard rather than something else, and I made the figure a lot larger as well, but I kept the idea of the humpback whales showing through this amazing epic wave.

I normally adjust photos or images from other artists a bit more and I’m a little bit uncomfortable with how close this is to the original artist image so while painting it, I will probably adjust the image even further.

If you would like a print of this painting please send me a message with what size you would like here.

The Creation Process