The purpose of this painting is purely academic. I have a love for figure painting and what I want most out of my art is to have the skill to render any figure well. Once I have this I feel I can begin interjecting myself into the work more and more.

This painting, just like the first paintings of old masters, marks a space in time with my ability and progression as an artist trying to become something great. I hope you like it.

Although… for Sara, I pushed the colors a bunch. This was the first painting where I really started to go beyond copying the image.

If you would like a print of this painting please send me a message with what size you would like here.

The Creation Process

Leg and Foot, cover
Thigh and Foot, cover
Getting Closer,cover
Subtle Colors and Values, cover
More Slow Progress, Painting Stamina, cover
Slow Progress, Short Post, cover
Becoming Accustomed to Distraction, cover
Taking a Day, cover
Painting an Arm in Shadow, cover
Time Flies, cover
Fear of Too Much Rendering, cover
Finishing Strokes, cover
First Layer done, cover
Lose Focus, Go Easy, cover
The awkward stage, cover
Slow Block-in, cover
Slowly and Deliberately, cover
Starting Again, cover
Going Nowhere Fast, cover
Continuing the Rough Block-in, cover
A Loose Start, cover
New Figure Painting: Start Two, Going Bigger, cover
Cover, Figure Too Small