After 22 hours I’m finished with this painting. I’m not very happy with the outcome but I’ve learned from it and that is great.

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More Work on Hands

Ok, so I’m getting close to finished with this painting just some more work on hands and I should be done.

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Hands Block-in

I worked today on getting the basic block-in for the hands and feet done.

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I Bought a Camera

I took the plunge and invested in a DSLR. Soon it will be time to take my photography skills to the next level.

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The Harsh Truth of a Photo

I mentioned it a few days ago, and it is very true now. Making daily posts about the progress of my work really helps me to see the errors of each session.

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The Other Side

For today’s session I worked on the other side, of the model’s body.

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The Weight Upon One Shoulder

I spent this entire session focussing on one small part of the figure, the shoulder.

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Getting Lost in Detail

For this session I look back at two hours of work and see that I’m getting lost in detail and missing the basic turn of the form.

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Painting Planes

There is something about male models with their sharp edges and we defined transitions of value that I find it easy to simplify and just focus on painting planes.

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Portrait Takes Shape

With the second session on this new figure the portrait takes shape and I have fun working on a larger head this time.

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New Painting

I’ve started a new painting of a male figure. This reference again is from New Masters Academy.

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  • Work: 1213
  • Size: 12" x 16"
  • Medium: Oil on Paper
  • Sessions: 12
  • Start date: 2/22/2017
  • End date: 3/6/2017