Paper Cross


The main thing I wanted to accomplish with this painting it to get a golden glow from the paper. I want it to feel as if the light is bouncing off the paper and glowing.

Thanks to lots of color study and the Munsell system I feel I was able to accomplish that well. But I’m sure to improve the technique with further paintings.

I will say that there is a lot of subtlety in this painting that is lost in the photo.


3076: Paper Cross Finished

Another super hot, productive and effective day.

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3075: Super Effective and Super Hot

Today was a super effective day in my AM and afternoon art session.

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3074: Shadow Hues Applied

Moving forward on the paper cross painting in extreme heat.

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3073: Mixing Shadow Hues

Most of the session this morning was spent mixing new colors.

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3071: Great Progress

Lots of success today with the Paper Cross painting.

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3070: Paper Cross and a Color Wheel

Moving forward on the Paper Cross painting armed with knowledge and a new color wheel.

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3069: Neutralize With Gray or Color

Today I try to figure out if neutralizing a color with gray is better than with it’s complimentary.

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3066: A New Background Color

Back to the color study with the Paper Cross painting and a dark to light approach.

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3065: Paper Cross Color Study

Lots of testing today and recommitting to trying to get this painting finished.

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Daily Art #3056

I made a decision today to begin finishing some of these paintings that I have in progress.

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Daily Art #3035

I’ve been working three days on the same section of this painting and I’m not sure it’s getting better.

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Daily Art #3034

I made some positive progress on Paper Cross and worked on a figure study.

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Daily Art #3033

I may have destroyed this painting but failure is a great teacher.

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Daily Art #3032

I moved back to the paper cross for today’s session and decided to work on it differently.

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Daily Art #3016

I’m gone far enough with this painting for now until it’s dry.

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Daily Art #3015

I’m continuing to refine all the values in this painting and the drawing.

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Daily Art #3014

Now I’m making great headway on this painting but I’m having to fix a lot of values.

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Daily Art #3016

The second session of Paper Cross was more troublesome than I expected.

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Daily Art #3012

This is the fourth in what may be a long going series of paper paintings.

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  • Work: 1772
  • Size: 18" x 24"
  • Medium: Oil on Canvas
  • Sessions: 19
  • Start date: 4/25/2021
  • End date: 6/28/2021