This painting started as a monthly challenge with the creators group that meets every Sunday morning. The challenge was to take a song and make a painting from it. Simple. But not so much.

Songs are wonderful because they have the ability to whisk us off into a state of intense emotion almost instantly. What we love most about music is this emotion we feel when listening but taking that emotion and transferring it into a painting is no easy task.

The song I chose was Ouroborus by Anilah.

The lyrics for the song are not official but the song and the name speak about the need for constant reinvention. Destruction and rebirth. The phoenix, the snake eating its own tale.

Along with the song I envisioned scenes from the move The Fountain where the protagonist is eventually obliterated by the explosion of a dying star which in turn regenerates a tree that once gave him internal life. The visual of that violent obliteration, the beauty of death and life existing at the same moment inspired this painting. I wanted violence and beauty, order and abstraction it exist at once.

Reference Attribution

I pulled from many sources for this painting and created the final image I worked from digitally. You can see them all here.

If you would like a print of this painting please send me a message with what size you would like here.

The Creation Process