Never Good Enough


Ever feel like no matter what you do that it’s never good enough? I think we all have had this feeling at some point. It almost makes you want to just give up, quit, and live a basic existence so you don’t have to strive for anything. Just coast through life with a basic job, basic routine, do the same shit every day and let time just flow past.

Remember this. JUST SHOW UP, do what you can, keep moving forward.

Striving for something, improving one day at a time, not matter how small takes advantage of the compounding power of consistency. Once something gets done, you can build on it. Once you get started, momentum can grow. When you show up, you can get lucky.

It’s going to be hard, some days it’s not going to feel like it’s worth it, that’s good because most people won’t do it. Just show up and you’ll be ahead of most. You may be alone though, because you will be in the lead.

Don’t worry about setting records just show up every day because doing that is how you break records. Consistency is a superpower. Day-to-day willpower is incredibly rare.

You don’t always have to be amazing, you do have to show up.

You cannot have greatness without this. The days will begin to add up, but the numbers are only interesting if they accumulate in large quantities.

This is the 2303rd piece of art I’ve finished. I completed it on the 4170th day of my daily art streak which has spanned over 11 years and is still going. I still feel, on some days, that I’m never good enough but it’s impossible to see those numbers and not feel extremely accomplished in my life.

I’m not special, you can do it as well. JUST SHOW UP.

Reference Attribution

Because of the constant questioning of originality in today’s world, even though I do a post for every single day I work on these paintings, I’ve created this section to attribute all the imagery I use for the painting to show that I own or have legally licensed them.

For this painting I used 1 main image from that I purchased the commercial license for here. I then edited the image in Photoshop and worked from that.

If you would like a print of this painting please send me a message with what size you would like here.

The Creation Process