The camera was set to take a very long exposure of the night sky so there was nothing left for him to do but wonder around the mountainous landscape and make sure he stays out of site of the camera. It was cold. Wearing shorts was a perfect choice while on the long hike. It was hard work and his body was sufficiently warm along the way. Now it’s a different story. Cold and slightly shivering he decides to hike further up a small hill to try and regenerate that warmth again. But it doesn’t work. He’s at the top of the hill, he’s still cold. Frustrated he looks up at the moon wishing it was the perfect white ball of the sun bathing him with it’s warmth. Yet, he can look directly at the moon and see all it’s details, all the craters, marks and flaws it bares. Standing completely still now, despite the cold, vulnerable to the elements, in the dark, baring all his own scars, he is mesmerized. He is the moon and the moon is him.

Watch me paint it.

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The Creation Process