Falling is an Opportunity


This painting started out as a challenge created by our weekly artist group. The challenge was to create a painting using only one hue. Basically pick one color, or one tube of paint, and only add black or white to it.

Side note, when adding white to a paint it’s called Tinting, when adding black it’s called Shading and when adding gray it’s called Toning.

I chose orange.

The first thing I did was look at all the orange oil paints that I have and do some tests to see which one I would like the best when tinted, toned and shaded. Cadmium orange, transparent earth orange and transparent orange. The clear winner was Transparent Orange. The mixtures it produced were vibrant and lively. The other two produced mixtures that were too muted or looked sickly, for cadmium orange, yuk.

The problem I ran into with this painting was the smell. For some reason Transparent Orange was very fragrant and I had to either open a window while I was painting, very hot, and/or put it in another room while it was drying. This prompted me to seriously think about acrylic paint. See the paintings that came after this one.

The title of the painting, Falling is an Opportunity, comes directly from my study of stoic philosophy. I love the quote, and book, The Obstacle is the Way. This urges us to look at every setback, every issue or ordeal we are going through as a chance to grow and get better. Obstacles making me stronger, mistakes give me information to learn from and falling is an opportunity to get up again. Falling is not bad, in fact, it can be a beautiful thing, hopefully like this painting.

What issues are knocking you down? How can you rise to the challenge and learn from it then overcome the obstacle to get stronger?

Reference Attribution

Because of the constant questioning of originality in today’s world, even though I do a post for every single day I work on these paintings, I’ve created this section to attribute all the imagery I use for the painting to show that I own or have legally licensed them.

For this painting I used 1 main image from Artstation.com that I purchased the license for here. I then edited the image in Photoshop and worked from that. You will also notice that I covered up the nudity on the painting.

If you would like a print of this painting please send me a message with what size you would like here.

The Creation Process