The title “Faded” was created when I was developing the composition for this painting. Originally the figure and the background was going to be faded together with lots of subtle tone.

That didn’t happen so the title really doesn’t match.

Regardless I’m going to keep the title as is because I really don’t like coming up with a title after the face. It seems forced. I want the motive for the painting to start at the beginning and be there before the painting is even started. Everything should grow from the motive.

The real motive behind this painting is all about the texture and skin. I want to breath as much life into it as possible.

For some reason I’m always thinking of Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam on the Sistine Chapel when I look at this painting. Strange that he depicted the scene with two men when the creation of life is the domain of women…


3273: 1851, Session 15

With some small changes this painting is finished! Two in one week!

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3272: 1851, Session 14

I feel as though I can claim this painting as finished today but I’m going to give it one more session.

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3271: 1851, Session 13

Back to this painting and I’m moving quickly. I hope to finish it this week.

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3254: Faded, Session 12

I started the next layer on this painting but it’s still wet!

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3242: Faded, Session 11

Great painting session but I’m having some trouble with the color of the body.

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3241: Faded, Session 10

I moved forward quickly on the painting today but I think I need one more layer.

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3240: Faded, Session 9

Today’s goals is to put the paint on as thick as I can and as accurate as I can.

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3239: Faded, Session 8

I would like to carve out more time for painting but…

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3238: Faded, Session 7

My goal today was to put the paint on thick but accurately.

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3237: Faded, Session 6

Another small step towards a completed painting.

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3236: Faded, Session 5

I’m playing between construction and deconstruction.

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3228: Faded, Session 3

I put in some work on this and it’s going in the closet for a week.

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3227: Faded, Session 2

Started with paint on this one but didn’t want to make the studio unlivable.

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3226: Faded, Session 1

Happy Thanksgiving! I got some drawing in after eating my weight in food!

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3223: Faded

I blew up my shut down routine last night to establish ideas for 3 new paintings. This is one.

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  • Work: 1851
  • Size: 30" x 20"
  • Medium: Oil on Canvas
  • Sessions: 15
  • Start date: 11/22/2021
  • End date: 1/11/2022