This painting marks a huge turning point in my art. Before this painting I didn’t have much of an idea of what to paint. After this painting I have hundreds of paintings I want to paint.

Why? Because this is also the first painting influenced by Ai generated art.

I was with my family walking in an estuary in Washington when I pulled out my phone and decided to send some prompt to Midjourney about the beautiful scenery we were experiencing. What was generated wasn’t perfect but it was a wonderful digital illustration of that moment. I was experiencing life with my family, fully engrossed in time with them and at the same time I was creating art. At that moment I realized the power of Ai generated work and how it could integrate within my life and continue to keep my creative efforts flowing through any life situation.

I pulled about 5-10 images generated from Midjourney into Krita and began to edit them into a cohesive digital work that I wanted to paint. The motivation and energy behind it was so great that it only took me a few hours, over three days, to complete it.

If you would like a print of this painting please send me a message with what size you would like here.

The Creation Process